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China UnionPay SDN based next generation OpenStack Cloud Platform for FSI

As the core and hub of China’s bankcard industry, China UnionPay is committed to providing commercial banking facilities, non-financial institutions and cardholders with various bankcard-based services with support of the OpenStack-enabled cloud computing platform for financial services. As China’s payment industry is becoming increasingly open, the demand for payment using mobile phone and the Internet has been intensified. Responding to higher requirements on business agility, flexibility and individualization, China UnionPay National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce and E-Payment has constructed an SDN-based cloud computing platform for financial services grounded in servers of the X86 architecture, which has realized expected business goals of heterogeneous data compatibility, high availability, automated O&M and provided financial and non-financial institutions (e.g. banks and third-party payment agencies, etc.) with a quick and reliable computing platform and application resource as needed.

“China UnionPay National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce and E-Payment, through partnership with partners in applications, software platform and hardware, has addressed challenges in construction of the SDN-based next-generation cloud-computing platform, achieved the business goals of scalability, transparency and modularization of financial cloud, and verified service abilities of the platform through deployment of related business applications. This is a move to help the payment industry gain paces in business agility and flexibility, and an innovative practice to reduce network expansion costs.”

• Reinforcement of network service ability: As its business keeps growing, China UnionPay expects to realize via great interfaces and protocols a “plug-and-play” mode where network services are included and service modules standardized, and to continue to scale up the network at lower costs.
• Improvement of business agility: China UnionPay needs to serve various commercial banks and institutions, for which the network service mode characterized by manual route and firewall configuration for virtual machine (VM) could no longer meet the demand of the growing client base for business agility.
• Enhancement of business flexibility: Masking differences among various network data transmission devices and eliminating dependence of deployment and operation of network services on network technologies underlying special network hardware equipment have helped to flexibly meet clients’ individualistic demands for network performance.

• Construction of an SDN-based next-generation cloud computing platform for financial services: China UnionPay has built an SDN-based new-generation cloud computing platform for financial services. The platform that is made up of 42 physical nodes based on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family and customized based upon open-source OpenStack L supports innovative research and applications, including biological identification and block chain, satisfying expected business goals.
• Technical Achievements: China UnionPay has, through heterogeneous compatibility,  realized centralized management of SDNs across different network zones, automatic orchestration of SDN-based High Availability Groups, high availability optimization of X86-based open source SDN controller, high availability optimization of 5s to 10s failover time, automated generation of Overlay logic virtual network elements through dragging and one-key service for Network Resources, such as virtual routing, load balancing, firewall, VPN, related network security configuration and such automation features, operation and maintenance capacity, network visualization, automated topology discovery, performance-based integration with SR-IOV and such underlying technologies.

• Maintenance of competitive edge on market: China UnionPay has built a more open, efficient and flexible system oriented toward next-generation cloud computing technologies for financial services, in the hope of actively responding to market competition with forward-looking technical advantages.
• Establishment of a model for the financial and payment industry: Based on network services on large standard servers, China UnionPay can provide clients with faster and more individualistic payment access services and the financial industry with reference platform architecture.
• Reduction of costs: By providing network services in the form of software and removing limits of special network hardware equipment, China UnionPay has significantly reduced the input in network hardware of the cloud computing platform for financial services and its space utilization and maintenance costs, and lowered the business operation costs as well.
• Strengthening of scalability: SDN on OpenStack-based cloud computing platform has enabled China UnionPay to perform network expansion flexibly according to clients’ demands for network services.

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