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SGCC-OpenStack based new generation cloud resource management platform

As the largest public service enterprise in the world, the State Grid encounters the problems such as wide regional span, isomerization management and deep-rooted concept of application of existing things in terms of information construction, and faces many obstacles in information construction of the enterprise. It is clearly indicated in the “12th Five-Year Plan” information planning of the State Grid: build a cloud computing platform of the company to provide integrated operation, integration and information exhibition environment of business application, realize intensive management and dynamic allocation of information resources, lower operation cost and improve resource utilization rate.
By means of building IT basic resource management platform (hereinafter referred to as “Resource management platform”) and pilot development of IT infrastructure resource pool (hereinafter referred to as “Resource pool”), the utilization efficiency of resources can be effectively improved, the bearing capacity and reliability of IT infrastructure can be enhanced, and centralized monitoring and intensive management of hardware resources in information system can be realized, offering a quantitative basis for making decision on purchase of hardware equipment.

By cooperating with 99Cloud Inc., Beijing China-Power Information Technology Co., LTD. is responsible for the project of “building of a new generation of cloud resource management system” of the State Grid Corporation of China. 

Main Challenges
*   Centralized monitoring: personnel at all levels could master resource utilization status through centralized monitoring of resources.
*   Real-time alarm: problems or faults could be timely found through alarm function, and the fault handling could be accelerated. 
*   Unified platform: the management through one platform could simplify the procedure of logging in each system one by one.
*   Process control: resource scheduling could be optimized, idle resources could be timely found and resource utilization rate could be improved by adding process control.
*   Automatic deployment: the creation time of virtual server could be reduced by adding automatic deployment.

Introduction of OpenStack open source cloud management platform: 99Cloud sets up OpenStack cloud management platform by adopting existing mature OpenStack version in connection with existing resource environment and in accordance with actual production environment network and storage environment.

Meanwhile, it provides training to relevant personnel during setting up, optimizes scheme regarding Zabbix monitoring and distributed log after completing the setting up, and could pass relevant test and verification. It also puts forward optimization plan to the deployed functional modules and verifies the stability and reliability of updated modules in test environment, so that the use efficiency of the whole platform is improved.

Commercial values
*    Closed-loop IT basic resource management system: form a closed-loop IT basic resource management system in terms of resource takeover, modeling, application, scheduling, utilization, monitoring and recovery by means of building a cloud computing environment infrastructure resource management platform in this project.
*    Resource management and control function: realize resource management, monitoring, control and scheduling ability. Improve resource utilization rate and realize reasonable resource distribution and dynamic allocation of resources, automatic recovery from faults and automatic control function by optimizing resource management and control mode.
*    Unified management: achieve unified management, allocation, scheduling and operation and maintenance of software and hardware resources of information system, optimize resource management and control mode, improve resource utilization rate and accomplish the controllable and orderly growth of resource capacity, so as to provide stable, efficient and dynamically adjustable infrastructure resources for business application.

Relying on the virtualization (resource pooling), standardization and automatic technology of cloud platform, the State Grid realizes the improvement in terms of automatic controllable degree and operation and maintenance efficiency, enhancement of service quality as well as reduction of overall cost, and supports higher yield returns at business level. 

Power industry cloud platform based on OpenStack technology
With international mainstream Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology, as the standard and the most influential data center cloud computing software OpenStack open source code as the core, this cloud platform is formed based on certain degree of secondary development and function optimization of computing resource management, storage management, network management, image management, authentication management, metrological management and other modules provided. By making heterogeneous virtualization software, server equipment, storage equipment and network equipment be compatible with and combining storage and computation integrated infrastructure, a cloud computing virtualization software scheme conforming to mainstream technology, easy for expansion, highly available and possessing domestic autonomy and controllability is formulated based on distributed storage.

General framework of cloud platform system will be composed of server, switch, firewall, storage, core cloud computing management module, cloud computing service management module and cloud computing foreground.
It is mentioned by the State Grid that intellectualization of the management in data center, resource pooling of the center as well as automation of operation and maintenance and service standardization are rigid demands of State Grid. The OpenStack technology-based, distributed technology and Intel hyper-converged all-in-one machines provided by 99Cloud meet the demands of enterprises and make the State Grid “join in the cloud” successfully.

The cloud computing platform operating on OpenStack of open source could realize the following functions:
*     Improve security and controllability
      - Secure and controllable: cloud platform reflects international mainstream IaaS technology and based on technology like Openstack, enables every module (including front-end self-defined interface, computing resource management, storage management, network management, image management, authentication management, distributed storage, back-end distributed storage, virtualization software and metrological management) could provide complete source codes and secondary development could be conducted based on source codes, realizing autonomy and controllability.
      -  Open and neutral: prevent vendor lock-in. Cloud platform provides open API to be used in secondary development. API needs to include providing the interface of computing resource management, storage management, network management, image management, authentication management, distributed storage and metrological management.
*     Reduce cost
      -  Reduce the expenditure in terms of commercial software through open architecture.
      -  Improve resource utilization rate and reduce the use cost of unit resource.
      -  Lower resource pool updating construction cost
      -  Lower operation and maintenance cost
*     Enhance efficiency
      -  More efficient operation and maintenance system
      -  Faster resource acquisition ability
      -  More quick business response ability
      -  More rapid system recovery ability
*     Raise profit
      -  Support the expansion of new internet business
      -  Faster resource acquisition ability

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